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Social Media Management

Social Media can be intimidating. We understand that you handle every aspect of your business and social media is that one thing you just haven't gotten around to! But that's why we're here for you. A dedicated Social Media Manager is assigned to your account. Your Social Media Manager is not just there to run your page, but to learn about you and your company to make the content we create more personal for your company. We want you to feel like we are part of your team.


Content Creation

Creating content is an important piece of your Social Media experience.  Our creative team will analyze your market to better understand your customers. We will write content that appeals to your market and create engagement with your page. Content creation is not just about posting pictures, videos of your product, it is also creating an image and identity for your company to put a face to your brand. 


Interaction Management

Managing the interaction in your social media pages includes posting creative content to engage your fans and expand your fan base across the board, responding to messages, comments and shares from customers. We also take the time by studying your fan base and see what interests them and triggers the interaction that you are looking for. Interaction to us means being human. We want your customers to feel you are there having a conversation with them and not having automatic responses like a computer. 

Website Design

An effective marketing strategy and a great website comes hand in hand. After all, your website is your first interaction with the customers. It will be the center of every online activity that you will do. It will either increase or lessen your profit. And most importantly, it is where you can make or break the user’s impression with your brand.


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